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SEAL Team TV Show on Paramount+: Season Five Viewer Votes – canceled + renewed TV shows, ratings

(Photo: Erik Voake/CBS)

Does the team have what it takes to survive the fifth season of the SEAL Team TV show on Paramount+? As we all know, the Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like SEAL Team is cancelled or renewed for season six. Paramount+ and other streaming platforms, however, collect their own data. If you’ve been watching this TV series, we’d love to know how you feel about the fifth season episodes of SEAL Team here. *Status Update Below.

A Paramount+ military drama series, the SEAL Team TV show stars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., AJ Buckley, and Toni Trucks. The military action-adventure series centers on an exclusive Navy SEAL unit as they train for, plan, and risk their very lives to carry out perilous missions for the sake and honor of their country. Fierce and focused Jason Hayes (Boreanaz) leads the Tier One team. Despite the hardship it causes them and their families, this SEAL team is ready, willing, and able to embark upon secret missions at the drop of a hat. Team members include Jason’s trusted confidant, Ray Perry (Brown Jr.); loyal yet self-destructive Sonny Quinn (Buckley); and young Clay Spenser (Thieriot), a multilingual and second-generation SEAL. No-nonsense DEVGRU Intelligence Officer Lisa Davis (Trucks) is assigned primarily to Bravo Team.

Note: SEAL Team was renewed for a fifth season as a Paramount+ exclusive. CBS aired the first four episodes of the season as a “special presentation”.

What do you think? Which season five episodes of the SEAL Team TV series do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Do you think that SEAL Team on Paramount+ should be cancelled or renewed for a sixth season? Don’t forget to vote, and share your thoughts, below.

*2/2/22 update: SEAL Team has been renewed for a sixth season by Paramount+.

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