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Samsung Galaxy Ring teased at Unpacked — what we know so far

The rumors were true — Samsung is launching the Samsung Galaxy Ring, a new wearable that will track users health and fitness. Teased at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, we didn’t get many details about the ring itself — such as price, specs, or even a release date — but we can glean a few tidbits from what else we saw.

Based on the renders, the inside of the Galaxy Ring has four small contact points, which could be skin temperature sensors. Additionally, there are four raised optical sensors, similar to what’s on the Oura Ring. 

The Galaxy Ring also looks to be completely circular; the Oura Ring, by contrast, has one section that’s slightly flattened.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Apart from the quick glance at the hardware, Samsung also announced an overhaul of its health tracking software, which could give us a clue as to what the Ring will be able to record. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

A new Smart Health experience will create a Vitality Score, which will take into account a person’s physical readiness and mental preparedness. This will be based on measurements such as sleep, activity, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, all of which could presumably be measured by the Galaxy Ring. In fact, we’d be surprised if it didn’t monitor all of those functions, considering what the Oura Ring can do.