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Rescue: HI-Surf: FOX Announces Casting for New Lifeguard Drama Series – canceled + renewed TV shows, ratings

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Rescue: HI-Surf has its cast. FOX has announced those set to star in the new lifeguard drama set on the North Shore of Hawaii. The drama, John Wells (Shameless) and Matt Kester (Animal Kingdom), was ordered in April 2023 but was delayed to Fall 2024 due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Robbie Magasiva, Arielle Kebbel, Adam Demos, Kekoa Kekumano, Alex Aiono, and Zoe Cipres are set to star in the series, which will follow the lifeguards and surfers who live in Oahu. Sea Shimooka has a recurring role.

FOX revealed the following about the plot of the new drama:

“Rescue: HI-Surf, is an action-packed drama that follows the personal and professional lives of the heavy-water lifeguards who patrol and protect the North Shore of O’ahu—the most famous and dangerous stretch of coastline in the world. Each episode will feature these dedicated, heroic, and adrenaline-seeking first-responders saving lives in the difficult and often life-threatening conditions of Hawaii’s Seven Mile Miracle.”

Variety shared the following about the roles the cast will play in the upcoming FOX series:

Robbie Magasiva as HARLAN “SONNY” JENNINGS — SONNY JENNINGS is a surfer, waterman, and North Shore lifeguard captain with deep ties to his community and an iron clad commitment to his team of heavy water first responders. A charismatic leader who inspires courage and loyalty, SONNY’S grief over his nephew’s death threatens to cost him the job and team he loves.

Arielle Kebbel as Emily “EM” WRIGHT — In a lifeguard force that is 90% male, EM WRIGHT is still the best. A true maverick, EM is the first female lieutenant in Ocean Safety history, an accomplished surfer and record setting paddler who has her sights set on the captain’s job, a position currently held by Sonny, her struggling mentor and friend.

Adam Demos as WILL READY — An Aussie surfer and certified lifesaver since his nipper days at the local board riders club, WILL came to the North Shore to challenge himself and stayed. Good-natured and loyal, WILL’s blue-collar work ethic and incomparable fitness means he’s game to tackle any situation the ocean throws at him.

Kekoa Kekumano as LAKA HANOHANO—Confident, competent, and hilarious, LAKA is an uber-fit Native Hawaiian lifeguard from Honolulu who patrols the busy North Shore beaches with a style all his own. Fearless in the ocean and never afraid of a good time, Laka loves his job and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Alex Aiono as KAINALU — Cocky and competitive, sweet but stubborn, KAINALU was born into privilege in an upscale neighborhood just outside Honolulu. With a politician father who’s on the rise, Kainalu is defying lots of expectations (like finishing college) to be a rookie North Shore lifeguard.

Zoe Cipres as HINA — Rookie North Shore lifeguard from a large, working-class Hawaiian family. Smart, sassy, fiercely competitive. Top of her training class, concerned with how to balance her professional duties (and the fishbowl of being one of only a dozen women on the job) with her deep love for her family and community.

Sea Shimooka as JENN (RECURRING) — A big wave surfer and working EMT born and raised on Kauai, JENN came to Oahu for med school – but the proximity to big surf was also a key motivator. JENN is serious about her job, serious about big waves, and has a sense of commitment that drives her to take everything to the next level.

The premiere date for the FOX drama will be announced later.

What do you think? Do you plan to check out this new FOX drama this fall?

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